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Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson

Loan Officer, Reverse Mortgage Coach

7600 East Orchard Road, Suite 300 N, Greenwood Vlg, CO 80111
Own what matters
Own what matters

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Meet Bruce Anderson: Your Trusted Guide to Unlocking Retirement Potential through Reverse Mortgages

With a passion for empowering seniors, Bruce Anderson stands at the forefront of the mortgage landscape, enlightening countless individuals about the transformative power of Reverse Mortgages. Recognized as a pioneering authority in this dynamic field, Bruce achieved the distinction of being the inaugural CRMP®, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional®, not only in his state but also as a trailblazer in the nationwide CRMP® inaugural class of 2010.

The coveted CRMP® designation is an emblem of unrivaled expertise, signifying Bruce's unwavering commitment to mastery in Reverse Mortgage lending. Rooted in the values of ethical conduct and professional excellence, CRMP® holders represent the zenith of competence and knowledge, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Membership in the esteemed National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) affords Bruce the privilege of offering the CRMP® credential, an accolade synonymous with ethics and integrity in the realm of Reverse Mortgage lending. As the premier industry standard-bearer, the CRMP® serves as the pinnacle credential for Reverse Mortgage Professionals, symbolizing unwavering dedication to the craft.

For over a decade, Bruce has been a steadfast ally to seniors and their families, illuminating the path to financial liberation through Reverse Mortgages since 2006. His sphere of influence extends beyond the individual realm, as he extends his expertise to financial planners, accountants, insurance agents, legal professionals, and realtors. Bruce equips these advisors with comprehensive insights, enriching their ability to guide clients wisely.

Embark on a journey to amplify your retirement experience with Bruce Anderson, where he demonstrates the art of harnessing home equity to fortify your retirement years. Discover the potential of unlocking your home's value to enhance your quality of life, all under the seasoned guidance of a true luminary in the field.

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We have loan options to fit every situation, from down payment assistance programs for first-time homebuyers to government-sponsored programs for military families and rural residents or jumbo loans in high-cost markets.



A Conventional loan is a great option if you have an average to high credit score and little debt. This allows you to take advantage of lower interest rates. With these types of loans, you have the option to put 20% down, which eliminates the need for private mortgage insurance (PMI) and saves you money. If you don’t have a large down payment saved up though, don’t worry. We have Conventional loan options for down payments as low as 3%.
Down payment assistance

Down payment assistance

If you’re purchasing your first home, you have options to buy without saving a full down payment. Down payment assistance (DPA) programs can help with your down payment in the form of a loan or grant that is often forgiven over time.


If you’re looking to buy on a tight budget, these loans are a great option. It’s easier to qualify for FHA loans because they carry lower credit score requirements and lower down payment options starting at 3.5% down. They’re also insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and only issued by FHA-approved lenders.

All loans are subject to underwriter approval; terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice.


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